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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Author at 49 drinks a few sacred beers, smokes a few Holy Even a Blind Hog Roots Up an Acorn by [Herald, James].
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Even a Blind Hog Roots Up an Acorn

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Even a Blind Hog Roots Up an Acorn

To his credit, one point that frustrated him deeply was the way the courts treated "pro se" practitioners. In other words, those people who represented themselves before the federal courts. From the same NY Times article: - "He insists, for example, that judges have no moral or political obligation to adhere to the text of the Constitution, or to follow precedents set by prior cases.

Key quote from this NY Times article: "Notoriously, Posner entertained the idea though he thought it implausible that it might be best not to punish the crime of rape if the rapist enjoys the act enough to outweigh the harm to the victim; the reason to criminalize rape, he argued, was to channel sex into forms like marriage, in which women are compensated like other sex workers.

He suggested openness to the notion of selling babies. Biography of the Federal Judge who scoffs at the US Constitution, a document all military members and federal politicians must swear or affirm to uphold and defend.

Even a Blind Hog Can Find An Acorn Every Now and Then

I understand it to mean that even a pig handicapped for the hunt gets lucky once in a while and finds a truffle. Applied to a person, it would suggest that even someone incompetent at a certain activity may succeed by luck occasionally. Any thoughts? And that is all I can think of.